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Contemporary Sculpture
Contemporary Sculpture





Mammoth tusk
Mammoth tusk

    Valeria Mokeeva is a unique artist who works with such a rare fossilised material as mammoth ivory. In her creative activity she involves the three century art heritage of the imperial St. Petersburg. Her comparative researches in St. Petersburg and European schools of bone-carving urged Valeria Mokeeva on the revival of the elite court art of centuries 18-19 (see Ornamental Turning and Handicraft).

    Her colossal creative potential and search of the ego let Valeria set up the first school of avant-guardist chrysoelephantine sculpture, still the only one in Russia
(see Contemporary Sculpture).

Widely recognised experts as well as many outstanding people of our planet (see Biography in photos) have paid tribute to the works of Mokeeva and her school exposed at the exhibitions in the Hermitage and Moscow Kremlin Armoury, at the festivals and fairs of modern arts in Copenhagen, Moscow, and in her own Petropol gallery worked in St. Petersburg from 1990 to 1998.

Now, Valeria Mokeeva welcomes you to join the club of her supporters and customers.

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Ornamental Turning
Ornamental Turning

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